Be Intentional

Intention is the intrinsic motivation that governs why we do what we do. Before you do anything that is important to you, be clear about your intention. Literally ask yourself, "What is my intention?”

The Bible says, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” I believe that out of the abundance of your actions, your intention speaks. Furthermore, we reap what we sow. The results of your intention, whether pure or impure, will come back to you. Often, our intent and impact are two different things. Meaning, our intention may be one thing, but the impact of our intention may be something different. Know that God judges us by the intent of our heart, but people judge us by our actions. This means, that there will be times when we are misunderstood. However, I believe behavioral patterns tell people who you really are more than one-time occurrences. Your intentions will ultimately influence your behavior. It will demonstrate to people in your sphere of influence and to those watching from afar, who you really are. What does your intention say about you?

As you begin your day, make a concerted effort to be mindful of your behavior in stressful or crisis situations. Do not let the stress of the crisis influence your intention toward the negative. Before you act, ask yourself, “What is my intention?”

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