Is He Spiritual?

You Deserve Only God's Best


 - Rev. Janelle Johnson

Is He Spiritual? You Deserve Only God's Best, is the deeply personal journey of Reverend Janelle Johnson’s experience in her marriage and its quick demise. She writes from a Christian perspective, sharing the wisdom and insights gleaned from this life changing experience. She exposes the abuse she experienced in the chapter called, “The Incident - April 19." She goes on to share how she garnered the strength to walk away. The reader gains insight into the vulnerable places that led her to marry. She also shares how ignoring those vulnerabilities were compounded by dismissing obvious relationship warning signs. Throughout the book she shares examples of God’s amazing grace and unfailing protection throughout her difficult journey.


Along the way, she experienced very moving and powerful situations that served as encouragement and gentle reminders of God’s faithfulness. Her dramatic experience at the 2016 Democratic National Convention will grip your heart and confirm your faith. She highlights the importance of a strong support network of friends, family, and a spiritual leader.


In “Women” (Chapter 6) and “Know When to Walk Away” (Chapter 9), she addresses some of the unspoken challenges and fears many women face in making the decision to leave abusive or toxic relationships. The book challenges women to conduct introspection and examine their own behavioral patterns and harmful insecurities. “Is He Spiritual or Unspiritual?” (Chapter 10) offers actionable principles and spiritual insights to help women discern if a potential life partner is spiritual.

If you are contemplating marriage, this book is for you. If you feel trapped in an abusive marriage or a toxic relationship, and you need the strength to leave, you need this book. Whether you are married or intending to be married, this book challenges you to answer a very serious question. Is he spiritual? This book will help you to know the truth.